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Whether I am A Member of Village14?

If your live in Bharudi,Dorda,Jaswantpura,Kalapura,Kota-Kasta,Khanpur,Nimbaj,Rajikawas,Sildar, Tawao,Chekla,Rampura,Haliwada,Fedani and if you are Porwal than you are automatically members of this group.But your name will be listed only after you fill the online membership form.

Is their is any joining fees or annual fees?

No you don't have to pay anything.This service is free for you.

Why I unable to enter in Members area. I am also one of Village14 member?

Ofcourse you are.But you can enter in to this area with your Username/Password only. To revieve your Username/Password first fill up the online membership form.Your Username/Password will be activated once your data has been updated

Shall I Wait for any call from village14 to fill onling membership form?

No. If you live in Bharudi,Dorda,Jaswantpura,Kalapura,Kota-Kasta,Khanpur,Nimbaj,Rajikawas,Sildar, Tawao,Chekla,Rampura,Haliwada,Fedani and if you are Porwal Fill the form immediatly.

How to get Username/Password?

Just fill up details in online membership form correctly and submit.Once the datas are updated your Username/Password will be activated immediatly

Can I Have Username/Password of my own choice?

Your Username is Registered Mobile number and ofcouse Password is of your choice.In case any doubt we will call to Registered Mobile only for clarification.

I Forgot my Username/Password what shall I do?
  • In Signin page enter any mobile number of your family under Title Forget Password ? and click send me sms you will recieve SMS within seconds. This is autogenerated and so the service is avaialble at any time(24*7)
  • You can also send email to ajitnindia@gmail.com. Your Username/Password will be sent to you either in your registered mobile or registered email Id
I want to update my datas.To whom Shall I Contact
  • You can directly update your address,Mobile Number etc.After Signin Go to profile to change your records
  • You can call to any Helpline number(In Menu Click Helpline)
  • Send email to ajitnindia@gmail.com.
I am not recieving SMS. Whether one SMS Per Family ?
  • To Recieve SMS Mobile number is Necessary
  • Not Limited to one SMS per Family
  • After Sign in Goto Profile-Personal Details.Click on Your name and select [Send Me Sms News].Click Save
  • Sending SMS is Automatic procedure.Once you have saved you will recieved SMS News Automatically
Let me know more about this Website ?
  • A special website for mobile users to see all telephone number of the members. So that anywhere in this world you are you can search your village14 friend/relative phone no.
  • Any function and Invitation(Good News) or Obituary(Bad News) can be directly added by you with your user name and Password under Events.
  • You can Print Address labels directly from the website.
  • List of Members and their Telephone number can also be printed directly from website
  • List of total Gotra available. List of total Hothi in Rajasthan
  • List of members in particular city or village etc..
  • You can create your ancestor tree which may be helpful for the next generation
  • Matrimonial will be kept for those who seeks male/female for their Son & Daughter and can be visible only to the members
Terms And Conditions
  • One Membership For One Soka (Soka deet). It means in a joint family living in a single home should fill only one form.
  • If you missed certain details while filling datas then you can add later also.
  • Online filling will not add your details in main page automatically. Since village14 has to arrange data in special order all data will be checked and arranged
  • Once the file is updated you can see your data also.(Wait For Maximum one week)
  • In case any doubts in data filled by you village14 may call you for clarification to your registered mobile.
  • You will be allotted a user name name and Password to see details. Username/Password will be activated once your data has been updated.Once registered you can edit your data directly
  • In case any doubts do not hesitate to contact us either by sending email at ajitnindia@gmail.com or call us at 9840117700.
Why is Hothi/Gotra name needed?

Once all data filled in internet it will be much easier for anyone to see how many Hothi/Gotra available in each village

Why is Register Mobile Number Necessary?
  • In case any doubt our team will call you in registered mobile.
Shall I write my Building name also in Residential address?
Yes. We want to give full details of your residential address such as name of building, floor number(2nd or 3rd), front or back portion. If anybody wants to come to your home (To invite you in function/meet you) full details will make easy for him/her to search your address.
What to Fill In The Name Column?
  • Write your original name (as On Birth Certificate).
  • While Filling Family details do not add your father name along with your name
What to Fill in Father/Husband Column?

For married female always write her husband name in the column. Write her father name only in Pihar Details

What to Fill in Relation Column?

Name filled in earlier column (Father/Husband) is Father or Husband name.

What Is Nick name?

It is not necessary a necessary column. Some of our members are familiar with their Childhood name. If you are one of them then write your Childhood name.

Why Date Of Birth Is Necessary?

Date of Birth is necessary to calculate the age. If we feed directly your age even after several years you will be see same age in computer. But if we fill Date of Birth your Age will be calculate and updated automatically Date of Birth is not visible in view screen. With your Username/Password you can see your Date of Birth only.

I Do Not Have Date Of Birth For My Elders?

If you don't have Date of Birth of Any elder person write date of birth from PanCard / License etc. If age is more than 70 years and do not have any details of birth date just write approx age in age Column.

Is it Mobile Numbers is necessary to give?

Mobile Numbers is not a necessary column if you don't interest you can leave blank. Remember your name also unavailable in telephone list search column

Why Pihar details of married Ladies needed?

Once the girl is married she lose connection from her parents. But we want her name to shown when we click her parent details in Tree view

I don't have email address?

It is not necessary a necessary column. Leave it blank.

If Married Ladies Give her Pihar Details? Why this is needed?

We are making Tree View in which if you click on any name both son and daughter(Married/Unmarried)name will be shown

Person Not with us today but always in your heart? Why this is needed?

This table is not a necessary. We are making Tree View in which your complete generation will be shown. Since all the records will be available life long it will be very easy for youngster and new generation to identify themselves. You can leave it blank if you are not interested

If Adopted Give Details? Why this is needed?

This table is not a necessary. We are making Tree View in which your complete generation will be shown. Name of Adopted will be shown in both.

Whether Dikhsa detail is necessary?

This table is not a necessary. We are making Tree View in which your complete generation will be shown. Name of diksharthi will be shown under his father name. This is also useful to now how many person has taken diksha from our village. You can add diksharthi from older generation also

I want my earlier generation to be shown in Tree View. Is it possible ?

Yes. It is Possible. Email your full details to ajitnindia@gmail.com.In case if we have any doubts we will call you in your registered mobile.